Great buildings are only as good as the system that supports them. Woodward Engineering Group delivers thorough structural engineering and design for foundations and structural systems as detailed as the buildings that complete them.

Woodward Engineering Group is comprised of highly skilled, and forward-thinking staff that infuses each project with quality and integrity from the earliest stages. This flexible team can serve client’s structural engineering needs independently, directly with Woodward operations teams and outside architecture firms, or together with Woodward’s full team of capable divisions.

Woodward Engineering Group’s professionals are equally skilled in both traditional building methods and in the application of cutting-edge techniques and materials using Virtual Design and Construction capabilities.

Our Virtual Design and Construction capabilities feature advanced, computer-aided design techniques to support projects during the preconstruction phase as well as throughout construction . For instance, using Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems, our people create three-dimensional models of projects, which help fully envision the finished product and are useful in identifying potential issues and their solutions. This approach adds enormous value by preventing expensive and time-consuming delays in the field and it contributes to the overall successful of projects. Our Virtual Design and Construction teams also make use of Woodward’s BIMnasium, a room specially designed for virtual coordination.